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The Ramblings of a Geek...

...or "Adventures in Stereo"

Maleghast a.k.a. The Techno-Mage
10 May 1975
Web-Developer, Writer, Roleplayer, Frustrated Social Commentator and former Sales Person - the man (Bill Hicks) was right, if you are in Marketing of any kind, kill yourself, I took it to mean that it was okay to just get out and do something else with my life...

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User Number: 846830
Date Created:2003-01-09
Number of Posts: 645

Photographer, geek, dancer and freak.
Strengths: Loyal, loving, honest, LIBERAL, versatile.
Weaknesses: Likes food too much, Likes booze too much, Likes smoking too much. Can be a push-over, easily abused.
Special Skills: Singer, photographer, mirth-bringer, writer.
Weapons: Only my wit (I am so buggered) - well and 4 weeks of Tai Chi and counting!
Allies: All good folk who embrace Humanity

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